Delegation of loan insurance: for which profile?

Young borrower loan insurance Loan insurance delegation is the best solution when you are a young first-time buyer. Indeed, your contract will be personalized and you will not bear the risks related to the profile of other borrowers of a group contract proposed by your bank. Your young age will be a valuable asset to

Criteria for choosing your loan insurance

In any case, contact us so that we help you to take stock and ensure you efficiently and optimally! To choose your borrower insurance Well analyze my need according to my professional situation: what guarantees do I need? If I work, I have to think about taking a disability and total disability or partial disability

Loans and credits

Car loan new and used You dream of a new car or a beautiful second-hand car that you have seen, but you have doubts about the impact on your budget? A justified concern. A car is an important purchase for which you do not go ice-cream overnight. Moreover, you would rather keep your savings behind.

Foreign currency loans

Legal issues related to foreign currency loans and exchange rate risk were examined by a judge’s body of judgesMadog ab Owain Gwynedd, who works with judges, and has issued a reminder by renegotiating in June and issuing a resolution on possible actions and legal consequences. What is the change in the European Court of Justice’s

Real estate insurance, how does it work?

Real estate loan insurance When you subscribe to a long-term loan, as is the case for a mortgage, loan insurance is required to obtain your mortgage. These guarantees allow the bank to guard against a default of payment but they also protect the borrower in case of a hard blow. Few banks will take the

Loan consolidation First Debt

Consolidation is a very modern word recently. Banks understand that many clients are no longer attracted to the loan because of the high indebtedness of the people. So they call for consolidation. And what is this consolidation? Loan consolidation is a banking operation that merges all bank and non-bank loans into a single loan. The