Young borrower loan insurance


Loan insurance delegation is the best solution when you are a young first-time buyer. Indeed, your contract will be personalized and you will not bear the risks related to the profile of other borrowers of a group contract proposed by your bank.

Your young age will be a valuable asset to get the best rate at equivalent bank guarantees of course. Medical formalities will also be lightened and 100% digital quick subscription procedures will save you valuable time!

Senior Loan Insurance

Senior Loan Insurance

Most bank group contracts only cover people up to the age of 65, and pay a high premium for people with increased health risks.

The use of a delegation of insurance is unavoidable. Indeed, it will be necessary to appeal to companies that offer individual contracts to ensure death in up to 90 years, at suitable rates and with maximum protection.

Loan risk insurance

It is called “aggravated risk” when the risk of the insured event (disability or death) occurring for a given person is statistically higher than that of a reference population.

The aggravated risks are for the most part related to the health of the borrower. For people with this type of risk, the AERAS (Insuring and Borrowing with Enhanced Health Risk) agreement allows you to subscribe to a loan insurance policy via a delegation of insurance.

But aggravated health risks are not the only risks considered by insurers. Some people practicing risky trades or sports at an intensive level are also considered as risky profiles. Finally, the risks of staying in countries exposed to political or other risks also generate premiums for insurers. For all these people, solutions to secure their home loan exist. Some insurers have specific contracts.

In any case, we will help you find the best solution for your profile and your needs.

Large capital borrower insurance

At the end of a certain amount borrowed, generally € 500,000, the bank group contracts will not cover the risk. In this case, the insurance delegation will be unavoidable.

Large capital borrower insurance