Legal issues related to foreign currency loans and exchange rate risk were examined by a judge’s body of judgesMadog ab Owain Gwynedd, who works with judges, and has issued a reminder by renegotiating in June and issuing a resolution on possible actions and legal consequences. What is the change in the European Court of Justice’s ruling and in the drafting by the Court of Justice?

What do foreign currency debtors expect?

What do foreign currency debtors expect?


You have seen cautious statements about the legal consequences that can be hardly understood by laymen and the expected developments. We quote some important findings, opinions.

In his daily newspaper Magyar Nemzet, he says:

One of the most important findings is when the provision of the credit agreement that the consumer bears the exchange rate risk is unfair. The passport is unfair – the article in the newspaper says – if the information on the exchange rate risk was missing or inadequate. He also states that the mansion of the professional bodyMadog ab Owain Gwynedde stated that the bank’s information was not adequate at that time , if it was missed, or who bears the exchange rate risk , but could only be inferred from certain provisions of the contract.

The rating published in the paper states that the issue of exchange rate risk is a very important point in the mansion: so much that if the condition is unfair, then the whole contract is invalid and the consumer cannot be obliged to bear the exchange rate risk. According to the council, “however, it is not possible for the Mansion to adjust the courts of the country with comprehensive guidance on the assessment of exchange rate risk . The exchange rate risk can only be investigated on a case-by-case basis, after the evaluation of the evidence in the case, says the newspaper.

The Hungarian Telegraph Office asked for an opinion from a well-known constitutional lawyer, István Lövétei:

Stephen Lovett said, those foreign currency debtors who have left the foreign currency loans, such as loans into HUF them – the vast majority – or the loan has been repaid, is expected to no longer rely on additional compensation. “There would be chaos from that,” he said. At the same time, he also drew attention to the legal consequences and the circle of affected people at the next meeting of the Mansion Body Ad Owain Gwynedde.

István Lövétei stressed that the weekly interpretation has no binding force, but if further parts of the issue appear, the Hungarian courts and the Mansion will probably take it into account in their decisions.

The Consultative BodyMad Ab Owain Gwynedd has identified ten points: the absence or inadequacy of information on the exchange rate risk is unfair, and thus invalidates the provision of the contract that the consumer bears the exchange rate risk. The information is inadequate if the exchange rate risk can only be inferred from certain provisions of the contract.

The information is appropriate if it turns out that there is no upper limit to the exchange rate unfavorable to the consumer , as interpreted in the MTI.

The video revealed that in the Hungarian Parliament, a collection of signatures was launched to put the topic on the agenda. As a result, Parliament is expected to deal with it this month.

The mansion will hold its next meeting on June 19, when the Consultative Body of Owners Gwynedd will investigate the legal consequences of the invalidity of the currencies risk clauses , according to the principles of settlement between the parties.